How to find a hillternship

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Every office in the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate has an internship program. Applications for internship programs are listed on each office’s website and on job boards and newsletters. You can find internship postings in the following places:

  • Legislators’ official websites: Members post their applications for internship programs on their websites all year long. The application questions and required materials are listed here. The due date for the application should also be posted. There may be extra steps in the application for paid positions.
  • Committees’ official websites: Committees also post internship applications on their websites. They may be more difficult to find. Search “internship” in the search bar to find the application.
  • Senate job bulletin: The Senate job bulletin lists internship vacancies for Senate members and committees. This is a good place to find opportunities outside of normal application cycles. It is also a good place to learn about committee internships and fellowships.
  • The Dome Watch app: The Office of the House Majority Leader runs an app with a virtual job board. Internship vacancies are posted on the job board. The app also includes the House legislative calendar and a detailed day-to-day voting schedule for House members. It is the first place that House Democrats post job and internship vacancies. Everyone looking for an internship should download this app. The app is free.
  • House internship and job bulletin: The House of Representatives sends out a weekly newsletter with job and internship openings every Monday. The newsletter includes dozens of immediate openings. The newsletter only goes out once a week. Posts are often a few days old when the newsletter goes out.
  • Senate diversity initiative: The Office of the Senate Majority Leader runs a resume bank for diverse candidates seeking all positions. As a person with a disability, you can use this service. The resume bank will pass on your resume to offices that need interns. The website also has a list of all Senate internship programs and internships with outside organizations.

There are three internship application cycles every year. Internship cycles run from January to May, May to August, and September to December. Plan to apply to your desired intern cycle at least 2-3 months before the program starts. Give yourself enough time to look over the application requirements and prepare your materials. Congressional intern programs have competitive application processes. It is important to present your best self in your application.

It is always better to apply to internship programs on time, but if you miss the deadline you should still submit your application. Offices need interns at all times of the year. You could still be hired if you apply after the posted deadline.

Internship postings are everywhere. If you prefer to work for a certain member of congress, look on their official website for details about their internship program. If you are looking for an internship at an odd time of the year, then search virtual job boards and explore the Senate Diversity Initiative website. If you have your heart set on doing a congressional internship, then apply to as many programs as you can. There is a place for everyone on Capitol Hill.

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